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Wuyang iron and steel co., LTD To provide you with high quality:Pressure vessel plate Wear plate In the hydrogen(HIC)Steel American standardASMEContainer plate Military steel Gao Qiangban Bridge plate Gao Jiangang zTo the steel plate Generous steel special steel plate series。
Wuyang iron and steel co., LTD in China, wide and thick steel plate production scientific research base,For the national key project construction、Major technical equipment projects、Heavy machinery、National defense、In the oil, and other countries large projects to provide quality steel。

Wuyang iron and steel co., LTD is the first kind steel plate production and scientific research base,Important generous plate localization replace imported base in our country,China500Strong enterprises,Product steel with years500Ten thousand tons、Generous steel plate300Ten thousand tons、The comprehensive strength of the sales income is ten billion yuan of above。

The core competitivenessCORE COMPETENCIES

  • Specially Industry 化 Optimal Potential

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  • Line Industry The ground positio

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  • Quality Good performance of uniform

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News and information

Company news


  • Cisa is about enhancing the guidance of the iron and steel industry standardization work

    In recent days,The China iron and steel association issued guidance on enhancing steel industry standardization,Which involves content in iron and steel industry standardization work systemically and historical continuity,Basic integrity system。

  • 162019-09

    Demand can pull the hong kong-listed rare?

    2019In the first37Weeks(2019.9.9-9.12)Lange steel steel composite price index reached across the country147.5Points,Rise from last week0.42%,Year-on-year decline13.43%。One of them,LGMIFor long products prices index158.6Points,Rise from last week0.86%,Year-on-year decline15.33%;

  • 162019-09

    2019Years8In crude steel production8725Ten thousand tons Year-on-year growth9.3%

    According to the national bureau of statistics data show,2019Years8Month,Crude steel production in China8725Ten thousand tons,Year-on-year growth9.3%,8In the crude steel output281.5Ten thousand tons,Year-on-year rise2.40%;1-8In crude steel production in China66487Ten thousand tons,Year-on-year growth9.1%。 2019Years8Month,

  • 032019-07

    Environmental protection to leak burning hong kong-listed again?

    Lange steel steel composite price index reached across the country152.3Points,Rise from last week2.03%,Year-on-year decline4.82%。One of them,LGMIFor long products prices index166.4Points,Rise from last week2.62%,Year-on-year decline1.60%;LGMIFor the material price index161.0Points,

  • 032019-07

    City to high before break Steel billet3620 Hong kong-listed not pessimistic in July?

    This week, domestic hong kong-listed concussion uplink,The futures market high before and after breakthrough,Issue of the screw from the highest4100Yuan integer mark only one step away(6Month27Day4095Yuan),And the month lows(6Month6Day3670Yuan)Amplitude up to425Yuan!In addition to the material end performance is relatively weak,Other varieties

A man without I have,People have my superior,People I,Man, I'm fine。

  Looking to the future,In the group of companies to build a leading the process of the international first-class modern iron and steel group,River steel WuGang will add along boutique scale type development path,To follow“Scientific development、The pursuit of excellence”The spirit of enterprise,In order to give full play to the variety and quality of oneself、Brand and market, and other advantages to support,In order to build an energy-efficient、Environment friendly enterprise as own duty,Moving in“Construction of the domestic leading the international first-class high-quality goods generous steel base”The goal of the push on!

Wuyang iron and steel co., LTD